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Cozy Knitted Slippers

September 26th, 2009 by BJB



In anticipation of cold winter toes, I’ve developed a pattern for my idea of the ultimate knitted slippers.  Adapted from a pattern I found in an old knitting book, circa 1911, these slippers are a great way to use up small amounts of yarn in your stash.  They’re snug and warm, adaptable to any size, and hard wearing.

The soles are sewn on after the knitted top is complete. I used 100% wool sweaters, purchased from my local Goodwill store, for the soles.  I thoroughly felted the sweaters,  in my washing machine, to create a dense, cushy fabric, then cut them to fit and sewed them to the slipper tops, using a blanket stitch.  The result is a comfortable, hardwearing sole.

Here’s the free pattern cozy-knitted-slippers4

Happy (knitting) Trails!

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